Why eat artificially flavored, preservative-filled cookies, when you can make the real thing from scratch? It's my latest, twisted design, "Homemade Girl Scout Cookies."

When Super Sizing goes too far... It's my first 5 color Threadless design, "Literal Big Mac Attack.

To the top of the totem pole! It's my latest color design, "Totem Pole Position."

Hey Kids! It's another design featuring my popular, trademark character, Mr.Crocodile!

What better way to celebrate the temporary decline in oil prices, than with my new design, "Texas Tea!"

Here's a short chase sequence I storyboarded in glorious black and white!

My t-shirt design, Fiesta Fiasco was selected to be printed and sold by the greatest t-shirt company ever, Threadless.com! Well, what are you waiting for? Break out the credit card!

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