2 out of 5 Australian babies are devoured by wild dingoes every year. It's a FACT! Check out my latest design, mate! It's called, "Dingo Ate My Baby."

I had twisted holiday postcards made for the first time ever. If you didn't get one in the mail, have a look at the design here!

"The Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde" is a reversable tee design. That's right, you get two andyg designs for the price of one!

My latest design is called, "Capistrano Spring Break." It celebrates the amazing cliff swallows who travel from Argentina to the Mission San Juan Capistrano, in California, every Spring.

If you like fish with sharp teeth, then you might like my two new designs. They're simple skatedeck graphics and you can vote for them over at popdeck.com

This would be the darkest thing I've ever drawn if all the characters weren't having the time of their lives up there. It's a new Threadless design called, "Hanging Around."

This is what might happen if a giraffe were to enjoy a delicious, chocolate milkshake through a novelty, curly straw.

Beneath the trees where nobody sees,
They'll hide and seek as long as they please,
Cause that's the way the teddy bears have their picnic...

I designed a sequel to "Adorable Disaster." It's cleverly entitled, "Adorable Disaster 2." This one is a little more complicated than the original, but I think it works. Plus, it's got puppies in it. Everybody loves puppies.

Threadless reprinted "Don't Play With Matches" today! If you missed out the first time around, now's your chance to grab one!

I designed "I Can Has Hugz?" for anyone who loves tiger cubs and/or getting hugs. You WILL get hugged if you wear this design! IT'S A FACT!!!

I entered the first Threadlemanns pinewood derby a couple of weeks ago. Even though my car was slower than molasses, I still won the "Designer Cup" trophy!

"Lumberwacked" is a cartoon I made in 2002 at the School of Visual Arts. It's a silly film that I've always been really proud of. I'm posting it in memory of Jeremiah Shannon, a friend of mine.

Summertime is almost here! It's my latest Threadless design, "Mr. Sunshine!"

I was challenged to a "cute kitty" showdown by a friend on Threadless. I accepted the challenge and created a parody of one of my favorite movies, "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

Saying something that people don't want to hear is easy when you sugarcoat it! It's my latest, controversial design, "A Little Bird Told Me."

I'd like to think that had Abe Lincoln lived to see the automobile age, he would have driven like a bat out of Hell! It's my latest Threadless design, "Hot Rod Lincoln."

Break out your credit cards! My good pals at Threadless printed "Collateral Damage" today! Sizes for all ages on new, high-quality tees!

This 4 color Threadless design was inspired by an old Slim Whitman song! It's called, "Indian Love Call."

This is my pal Ursus. Ursus loves to crush bones and smash things. That's why, when worn unobstructed, this t-shirt design will ward off bullies, muggers and other such misanthropes!

My second Threadless print, "Don't Play With Matches" was one of 15 lucky designs nominated for the People's Choice Bestee Award! If you're an active Threadless member, you can vote for it!

The Great Wall of China kept the Mongols out for 1000 years... until one fateful day. It's my first 8 color design, "Spiked Punch."

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