Just in time for Christmas, my on-line shop is officially go for launch! Inside, you'll find three of my favourite designs screen-printed on quality, American Apparel tees. Buy one today! Or two! Or three!

My latest design features a symbol of peace giving a peace sign with his fine, feathered digits. It's called, "Peace."

I participated in another "Style Swap" exercise. This time around, my job was to imitate the legendary Julia Sonmi Heglund. You can see how my design turned out by clicking the link below.

I got the chance to design a Threadless Type Tee for Ryan Pumroy's fantastic slogan, "F5 can be so Refreshing."

The tee is on sale today at Threadless!

Here's a simple, one colour design I did called, "Square Bear." I hope you enjoy it. Drawing geeky characters sure is fun!

I coloured some old line art and submitted it as a new Threadless tee. This one is called, "Girl with Braces Defeats Serpent." Don't worry too much about the serpent though. He's just a cartoon character. He'll be fine.

Why is the Disgruntled Geek Monster so disgruntled? Because somebody ate all of his pudding cups.

My pals at Threadless printed "A Banana Slipping on a Banana Peel" today! Adult and kid sizes!

Get one!

Rattlesnakes rattle their tails whenever they're about to strike. Babies love rattles. Uh oh.

It's my latest design, "Baby's First Rattlesnake."

I decided to take a break from my usual cartoon mayhem and do something peaceful and simple. My new design is called, "Peace Pipe."

Carmen Miranda must have had hundreds of nightmares like the one depicted in my latest design, "Fruit Bat Jackpot!"

A couple of my tee shirt designs are featured in a new book called, "1000 Garment Graphics." The book is from Rockport Publishers and is available wherever fine publications are sold.

I contributed a page of line art to Steve Wierth's "Adventure" colouring book a while back. If you've got crayons and time to kill, you probably should order a copy. Did I mention the book features 42 Threadless Superstars on 56 pages of saddle-stiched glory?

Threadless printed my design, "Fashion Faux Pas" today! Get yours before they go out of style!

Even though they're filled with deadly mercury, energy efficient lightbulbs help save the planet! Check out my latest tee design, "Energy Efficient Firefly!"

I participated in my second "Style Swap" challenge at Threadless. This time, my assignment was to mimic the bizarre, yet enchanting, work of Ginette LaPalme.

Slipping on a banana peel is funny. An anthropomorphic banana slipping on a banana peel is even funnier. It's my latest design, cleverly entitled, "A Banana Slipping on a Banana Peel."

My latest design is called, "Deadbeat Dad." Can you figure out why this particular rooster is being a bad father?

What better way to celebrate Groundhog Day than with a completely unrelated, new Threadless print! It's my lucky seventh Threadless tee, "Capistrano Spring Break."

Get 'em while they're hot!

A "fashion faux pas" is an error in style judgment. Can you spot my raccoon's fashion faux pas?

My latest design is called, "Awkward." It features an awkward teenage girl with awkward braces, awkward acne and double awkward double thumbs up.

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