I thought it might be fun to sell out and create a parody mash-up. This one is called, "Super Ernie-o World."

Little Golden Books meets Phillip Morris in my latest illustration, "Cute Animals Smoking Cigarettes!"

A wooly mammoth with candy canes for tusks? Krazy you say? It's my new design, Peppermint Mammoth!

Have a look at my latest, wacky t-shirt design! It's about a wiener dog eating a wiener dog. It's cleverly titled, "Wiener Dog."

If you've ever wanted to cover a wall with a giant decal of one of my designs, you're in luck! The good people at Blik have teamed up with Threadless for these slick, new "Blowfish" wall graphics!

My design, "Peace" has been reprinted as a part of Threadless' fancy, new Select line of tees! Super comfy!

Here's a simple tee design I did about a tiger who plays the guitar.

Jake Nickell wrote an amazing book all about Threadless! Do yourself a favor and buy a copy! Also, check out that handsome giraffe on the cover!

I always thought that Count Dracula could be having way more fun if he used a krazy straw.

This frog got caught jumping the subway turnstile and now he's being frogmarched to a squad car. Get it? FROG-marched?

Teefury is selling "Break Yo Mama's Back" today for a very limited time. Less than 24 hours to be exact! Get one while you can!

My eleventh Threadless tee, Blowfish, is up for sale today! Get one!

Here's a simple tee design I did using hand-drawn type and one of my favorite phrases. It's called, "Hey Youse Guys!"

I loosened up my style a bit for a new Threadless design. This one is for a coffee-themed contest. I hope you like it.

I did this illustration a few months ago for an upcoming book project featuring a bunch of bigshot illustrators. I have no idea when the book will be released, but I will let you know when I do!

A bee with a beehive hairstyle? Krazy, you say? It's all in my latest design, "Beehive!"

Here's another simple, silly design I did. It's called, "Blowfish." I hope you enjoy it.

One of the stupidest ideas I've ever come up with is illustrated in my latest tee design, "Spring Snake Surprise."

My 10th Threadless tee was printed today! This one is called, "Peace" and some people are already calling it an instant classic! Get one while they last!

My latest design is a visual, public service announcement reminding people not to step on the cracks as to avoid breaking their mamas' backs.

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