It's my last design for 2012! This one is called, "Owl."

Here's a new, simple goldfish design I did. It's called, "Goldfish."

Here's a new design with a vintage feel. It's a bunch of cats enjoying pizza! Pizza Pyramid Cats Awesome!

I'll be at the Alternative Press Expo this weekend in San Francisco selling my brand new comic book, high-quality prints and t-shirts! This Saturday, October 13 and Sunday, October 14 at the Concourse Exhibition Center!

You'll find me and the legendary Phil Rynda at Table 428!

I made a comic book! It's called, "Hogg Brickhouse." You should get one! Did I mention it's full color?

If you're one of the subscribers to Threadless' 12 Month Club, then watch your mailbox this month for "Narcissistic Halloween Cat!"

"Cute Animals Smoking Cigarettes" was reprinted today at Threadless!

I love designing for Halloween. Here's a new t-shirt design called, "Narcissistic Halloween Cat."

"Peace" is now available at Bed Bath & Beyond... as a pillow! Get one while they last!

"Don't Play With Matches" was reprinted at Threadless today!

It's my 15th Threadless print! Pin Cushion Pin-Up tees are now available at Threadless!

It's that bad apple that they warned you about when you were little!

It's a political t-shirt graphic designed to tick off people passionate about politics!

Here's my piece for Gallery 1988's Memes show. It's called, "The I Can Has Cheez-burglar." A limited run of 20 giclee prints are available on the Gallery 1988 website here.

Yeah! Oh, Yeah! Here's a simple type design I did inspired by one of my favorite songs by the Magnetic Fields.

Hey ladies! Threadless printed "Happy Birds" just for you!

Kicking off the week with my 13th Threadless print! "Eskimo Pop" tees are now available! Get one!

My very first pin-up girl is a doll! Literally! This piece is called, "Pin Cushion Pin-Up."

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